Six Things That Are Ruining My Life Right Now

Today is April Fool’s Day, but the following list is absolutely no joke.

Six Things That Are Ruining My Life Right Now

1. My bra strap broke mid-morning with an audible snap and a literal sinking feeling in my bosom. I wasn’t doing yoga, or stretching, or prancercizing, or really doing anything other than tappity-tap-tapping away at a Very Important Email. I temporarily fixed my bosom situation with a savior safety pin that is pinned in my purse at all times, but I guarantee by the time I get home from work I’ll have a safety-pin shaped indent in my left shoulder blade.

2. I auspiciously chose a cute pair of strappy sandals to wear to work this morning, walked to lunch while carefully hugging my chest (see: broken bra strap), and was rewarded for my efforts by a sleety snow storm for my walk back to work. Drooping bosom AND frozen toes. Lovely.

3. Complete lack of a Girl Scout Cookie Emergency Cache.

4. I just suffered through the worst conference call of recent memory for which I was woefully unprepared (see: no Girl Scout Cookie Emergency Cache).

5. Three-thirty-o-clock hit and my hair has thrown up a white flag of surrender (see: sleety snow), of course there is not a hair elastic or suitable pen in sight. My hair is currently staving off being sheared completely simply with a rubber band and a few paper clips.

6. It is only Tuesday.


Anything ruining your life today?

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16 responses to “Six Things That Are Ruining My Life Right Now”

  1. Saskia says :

    Ooh, the broken bra strap. Had that happen to me during gym once. Not fun.

    I had a dissertation chapter critiqued today, and should basically revamp my entire structure, so that was awesome. I do, however, have six boxes of girl scout cookies in my closet at home; being reminded of that certainly brightened up my day!


  2. S.R. Braddy says :

    Couldn’t make it past “sinking bosom” without giggling. So sorry.


  3. K says :

    I’ve had a bra strap snap on me before. It’s startling!


  4. Forty-plus the Poor says :

    Yay for a new post! I thought forgot about us. :(

    The only thing ruining my life is my continued unemployment. It’s a complete mystery to me why no one will hire me for anything. I’m a nice guy. :(


  5. Angella says :

    I’m all kittens, all the time, so nothing phases me. ;)

    I hope yesterday was less eventful. :)


  6. Katelin Bannan (@katelin) says :

    Ugh, I hope the rest of the week was better for you friend, and that your bras and shoes behaved and girl scout cookies arrived!


  7. Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks says :

    Here’s an answer to the lack of Girl Scout Cookies: Also, coming up this week would be a version with peanut butter, minus the mint!


  8. San says :

    Oh man, bra emergency AND strappy sandal weather fail? No bueno.


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