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Macro Photography: my new obsession

Between Christmas and my birthday, combining gifts from my sweetheart and my (photography-loving) Dad, I managed to acquire some fantastic new equipment. I have a Canon SLR, and got this FABULOUS 50 mm 1:1.4 lens and a 12mm extended lens…which has basically put me in camera heaven. I am still putzing, a lot, and learning how to use these new UP CLOSE! settings, but I am really loving what I have so far. None of these photos are cropped, they are this close straight out of the camera. (!!!) *Click on any photo to embiggen.

Macro_Baby Succulent 2_FeistyHarriet_Feb2014

Baby succulent, this tiny little plant is only about 3 inches tall, I really love how you can see all those little bumps on the leaves!

Macro_Geranium Leaf 2_FeistyHarriet_Feb2014

Geranium leaf, complete with TINY INDVIDUAL HAIRS! I just, I can’t handle it!

Macro_Eye 1_FeistyHarriet_Feb2014

Mr. Blue Eyes, who kindly let me get all up in his face while I was taking dozens of pictures of his eyeball, his eyelashes (swoon!) and his eyebrow.

Macro_Oil Paints 2_FeistyHarriet_Feb2014

Pink oil paint, I mixed this for a painting that is almost done, I love how you can see the different colors of red and pink and white all marbled together.

Macro_Oil Paints 4_FeistyHarriet_Feb2014

Fiery oil paint, it’s amazing how the layers of red and yellow show up here, and also the ridges in the dried paint. Gaaaah, I am so in love!

Macro_Oil Paints 1_FeistyHarriet_Feb2014


Macro_Texture 2_Feisty Harriet_Feb2014

Green knitted blanket, i.e. texture texture texture!


Mr. Blue Eyes’ cajun popcorn, absolutely not my cup of tea, but the ridges and color variations are pretty!

I still have a lot to learn, but I am loving looking at so many things from a completely different perspective, and I really love that this new (dreamy!) equipment can capture so much detail. Check out the rest of my Flickr set.

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